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Will a vintage item fit me?

Since vintage items were often made at home by women of all sizes and shapes, it’s pretty surprising how much better vintage items can fit many figures. The best approach is to compare the listed measurements against a piece of your clothing that fits you to be sure you’ll get a good fit. 

Will this dress fit in the waist?

Many bygone decades celebrated the female figure by flattering a small waistline. To get this look, women weren’t necessarily born with the perfect waistline. They girdled and cinched their waist from a young age and into adulthood. Now we use Spanx and there’s no shame in that either!! Thank you Sarah Blakely. 

What is “slow fashion”/ “vintage”?

Slow fashion “is an alternative to fast fashion in the sense that it promotes a more ethical and sustainable way of living and consuming. Some elements of the slow fashion philosophy include: buying vintage clothes, redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, making clothes and accessories at home and buying garments that last longer to promote respecting the environment and ethics”. (Wikipedia)

We consider vintage as anything that was made in the 1990’s or earlier. 

How do I mix a slow fashion item into my modern wardrobe?

Our collections are hand selected by a buyer with over 20 years of experience that spans trends and fads. Each item is only selected if it is classic enough, fun enough, versatile enough and flattering enough to up your style game and bring you oh so many compliments. 

Are all your items ready to wear?

All of our items are laundered, dry cleaned by our local dry cleaner, Zach, and often air dried to maintain their longevity.  Every item is inspected for quality and flaws that deter from their appearance are noted.

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